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iPhone: how to send an MP3 via WhatsApp tips by JoshFactory

Want to send a music file with WhatsApp for iPhone? For Android users it’s easy to send a song via WhatsApp, because it’s the operating system itself that offers the option. For iPhone users, it’s another matter.
WhatsApp for iOS allows you to send pictures, videos, contacts and geographic location…but not music. Fortunately,  sending an MP3 via WhatsApp for iPhone is still possible. All you need is the help of a free app that offers an Open With option. There are a few of these, but iZip seems to be the most suitable for our purpose.
Here, I’ll take you through how to send an audio file with WhatsApp for iPhone.

How to send audio files using iZip

1. Install iZip on your iPhone. Open the program.
2. Select Music Library.

3. Open a folder (e.g. Albums).

4. Tap Select in the top right of the screen and choose the song you want to send with WhatsApp. At this point, Select will be replaced by Done

5. Tap the Zip button at the bottom center of the interface. The app will compress the file.

6. This will open the folder Local Files. From there, you can select the ZIP file you just created.

7. You’ll be asked Would you like to extract all files? Tap OK .

8. This automatically creates and opens a folder in Local Files with the decompressed song. Then select the file .

9. Now, tap Open In (at the bottom center of the screen) and, from the choices that appear, select Open in WhatsApp.

10. It will open WhatsApp automatically. Select the user you want to send the MP3 to, and when it asks you to Send to [contact name], click on Yes.

At this point, the file will load and send. When the recipient receives it, you can listen to it by tapping the Play icon next to the music file.

Beware of copyright

This method lets iPhone users exchange music via WhatsApp, even if the procedure is a bit more complicated than for Android users.Remember, however, that sharing music files protected by copyright laws is illegal, so only send audio or music that can be freely shared.
One last tip: if you want to share a new song with a friend, instead of sending the file, you can share it with them via Spotify. To do so, just find the song you like, tap the menu with the three dots next to it, and select WhatsApp.

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How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?

 There are numerous facebook applications which claims that their users can easily find out the persons who have visited their facebook profile, but all those apps are nothing more than a scam and I have found most of my innocent facebook friends are using those creepy facebook apps. Most of the those scams are designed to steal your personal information. This high demanding feature has always been against the facebook policies and will always be. Facebook users are highly curious to know who has visited their profile, and that’s why facebook scams are enjoying the benefits.

How To See Who Views Your Facebook?

Who Is Looking At My Facebook Profile ?

Everyone loves to find out who is more interested in him and it is a human tendency, it has made this undeclared feature of facebook as a most wanted feature. Now coming back to the point. As I said it is not recommended to use any third party facebook applications blindly. However it is not completely impossible to know who looks at my facebook.I recently found Profile Visitors For Facebook which has made this actually possible with its unique concept.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile ?

Does this question comes into your mind ? I believe yes. We know you are curious to check who is looking at your facebook profile and want to know if there is something technical in it.? I would like to inform you that this feature is against Facebook policies but still there is one add-on for Chrome which will allow you to check who visited your facebook profile.

What is Profile Visitors For Facebook?

Profile visitors for facebook is a free Google chrome extension that enables you to track who views your facebook.It works what exactly it says, but the only limitation is it only works for the chrome users so you can only track those visitors who already have this extension installed on their chrome and visiting your profile from their chrome browser other wise this extension will not work. So it is better to make your friends aware about the extension and insist them to install this extension.

How To See Who Views Your Facebook ?

How To Use Profile Visitors For Facebook ?

1: Download Profile visitors for facebook from here in your Google chrome.

2: Now login to your facebook account, you will now notice an extra ‘visitors’ tab next to the left of ‘home’ on the top blue bar.

3: Click on it, a popup will open showing you the recent visitors of your facebook profile with time, but as I mentioned before, it will only show those visitors who have already installed the extension.

Profile visitors for facebook is a 100% free and advertisement free chrome extension. It’s concept is cool and works great if more persons are using it. If you know any other working trick regarding the profile visitors, feel free to suggest me.

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How to Charge Smartphone even When Laptop is Power Off

In this tutorial we‘ll learn how we can use eSATA/USB port available on our laptop to charge smartphone using USB data cable even when laptop is power off.

Sometimes your smartphone battery drained out or your iPod battery is drained out and AC power source is not available. In such situation you can use you laptop to charge phone or other device of course via USB data cable. But what if you do not want to turn on your laptop to charge your phone.

First thing you need to make sure that eSATA/USB port is available on your laptop. You can easily figure this out by noticing the following image like port on your laptop.
So eSATA/USB port is available on your laptop, right. That’s a good news.
Next you need to check in your “BIOS Settings” that whether necessary setting is “Enable” to get power through eSATA/UBS port even when laptop is power off.
Turn off your laptop.Turn it on and press F2 key to enter into BIOS Setup. (In case of DELL Devices F2 is the key to enter into BIOS Setup, if your laptop is of other make, after pressing power key to turn on, keep your eyes on screen and see which key is to be pressed to enter into BIOS Setup)Navigate to Advanced tab using arrow key & select the USB Powershare option and Enable it. If it is already not Enable.Save Changes and Exit BIOS Setup. It’s done. You are ready to go.
Now Turn Off your laptop and plugin phone’s USB data cable to eSATA/USB port and connect to your phone. Your phone will start charging.

Using this port you may also charge other devices like iPod, Tablets etc which can be charge using USB data cable.

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15 Chrome tricks you didn't know about

 14 Chrome tricks you didn't know about

 Use Google Chrome as your daily browser? Here are some tricks that would come handy in making your user experience with Chrome more fun, productive and intuitive. Let's get started.

Use Omnibar as a calculator

You can just type in the numbers you want to calculate, for example if you want to multiply 5 by 10, just enter ‘5*10=’ you’ll see a dropdown where the calculation is already made. Same can be used for various conversions such as Pounds to Kilograms, currency conversions etc.

Get your bookmarks saved on cloud

While shifting to a new computer, we always miss the comfort of the bookmarks on the Chrome of the previous machine. Well, simply Sign in to Chrome with your Gmail account, and voila! It saves your bookmarks, settings and passwords if you’ve saved any on the cloud.

So if you just sign in to chrome using your Gmail account, all your settings would come directly on to Chrome, just as it was on your previous PC. This will also save bookmarks on the Chrome browser on your Android device if you’re using the same account.
Pin websites to Desktop

If you have a certain website that you use more often, you can pin the same websites to your desktop as apps. To do this, simply head to the website to be pinned, and go to Chrome Settings then More Tools and then ‘Add to desktop.’
Handy Chrome Shortcuts

Chrome supports dozens of keyboard shortcuts, and these can be used to do everything from managing/navigating tabs, to clearing browser history. Here are some that you’ll end up using the most:

* Ctrl+Shift+N: Open a new window in Incognito mode; Ctrl +J: Open recent downloads; Shift+Esc: Open Google Chrome’s task manager; Alt+Enter: Open URL in a new tab after typing the URL manually; Ctrl/Shift+F5: Reload the current page while ignoring cached content.
Create a work-friendly home page

Wish for a more work-friendly home page? Chrome is there to help. Check out Momentum, a cool app from the Chrome Web store. It actually helps you be more productive by letting you add your to-do’s for the day, including any priority tasks. Moreover, everyday it welcomes you with some stunning wallpapers, so no more boring grey screen.
Search for the images using Google reverse image lookup

There have been times where you’ve looked up for a certain image and you have not been able to download it. Not anymore. Simply right click on the image, and hit the Search Google for image option. Chrome will launch a new tab, and using Google’s reverse image lookup it’ll search for similar images on the web. How cool is that?
Chrome’s Task Manager

Chrome is a very power hungry browser, we all know. So how to make it eat a little less of your RAM? It’s simple. Hit Shift+Esc and it’ll show you Chrome’s own task manager, which provides detailed info about the running tabs, extensions, plug-ins etc. You can see which app or extension is sucking up so much of your RAM, and kill it there and then. It gives you a good bifurcation of the resources each app or page is consuming.
Remote desktop access through Chrome

Chrome can also be used for remote desktop access, just like Team Viewer and other such applications. And the process too is very simple. All you have to do is install the Google Chrome Remote Desktop App on both machines, and follow the easy instructions provided. The remote system sharing is secure, and authenticated by user shared PINs.
Chrome Dictionary

Reading something on the web and you don’t know what the word means? No worries, just install Google Dictionary from the Chrome’s webstore. Once installed, simply hit the dictionary and then select the word you want the meaning for. It’ll open a pop up and show you the meaning.
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World Sparrow Day: Ten interesting facts about our feathered friends!

Do you miss the chirupping of sparrows outside your window when you wake up in the morning? We're sure you must have noticed how sparrows have slowly vanished from view since the past few years.
Even though reports related to the growth of the sparrow population have been doing the rounds, a new report in the Times of India says that its a tad too early to say that, according to bird experts.
This report comes on a day celebrated as World Sparrow Day.
March 20th is a day designated to celebrate house sparrows. Ever since the threat to their population is growing at an alarming rate, the Nature Forever Society of India in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and numerous other national and international organisations across the world took a step toward taking this international initiative.
House sparrows can be easily recognized because they live very close to humans. This small bird originates from North Africa, but it has been successfully introduced to North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Once found in huge numbers across the world, the small bird is slowly making its way to the endangered list.
Since, birds, animals and human beings need to co-exist in this world, we bring you a few interesting facts about house sparrows! Read on.
1. Males and female house sparrows can be easily distinguished by the feather coloration: males have reddish backs and a black bib, while females have brown backs with stripes.
2. Sparrows are actually carnivores (meat-eaters) by nature, but they have slowly changed their eating habits ever since they learned to live close to people. Sparrows primarily eat moths and other small insects, but they can also eat seed, berries and fruit.
3. Sparrows usually fly at the speed of 24 miles per hour. When needed (in the case of danger), they can accelerate to the speed of 31 miles per hour.
4. Although sparrows do not belong to the group of water birds, they can swim very fast to escape from the predators.
5. Sparrows are allegedly monogamous. Recent genetic analysis showed that only small percent of eggs contains DNA of both parents (in other words: both male and female are prone to infidelity).
6. Sparrows can survive between 4 and 5 years in the wild.
7. Sparrows are very social and they live in colonies called flocks.
8. House sparrows are non-migratory, but urban flocks traditionally moved to the countryside in the late summer to feed on the ripening grain fields.
9. Attesting to the fact that it is not a water bird, the House Sparrow bathes itself in dust instead. It normally throws soil and dust over itself as though it were taking a bath in water.
10. House Sparrows are said to eat anything. According to the Handbook of Texas Online, they are known to eat over 830 different foods!
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Earth Hour on March 19: 5 Things to do when the lights are turned off

Earth Hour will be observed in 172 countries across the globe on March 19 when several cities around the world will be plunged into darkness to support a cause started by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2007. The movement inspires people to do their bit and take an action on climate change. 60 iconic towers including the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and the Sydney Opera House participate in the Earth Hour.
Here are the 5 things you can do in the dark after you turn off the lights and observe Earth Hour:
Candlelight dinner
Couples can have a romantic candle light dinner while observing the Earth Hour. Get everything ready, including your food, candles and other things on the table, before you turn off the lights to avoid stumbling round the kitchen in the dark. 
Tell ghost stories
Older kids or even adults can get together and enjoy telling ghost stories to each other. Create a spooky atmosphere, invite your friends and enjoy the darkness.
Invite your friends
You can invite your friends for some fun activity while observing the Earth Hour. That activity can be anything like singing songs or chit chatting.
Move out
It usually happens that when there is a power cut, people move out and take a stroll. Why not do it while observing the Earth Hour. Enjoy a walk, or simply sit at the park and gaze the magnificent stars.
Have an early night
It’s weekend, so why not sleep early one day. It will come as a relief after a hectic week.
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26th Jan

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10 tips & tricks every YouTube user should know

YouTube is among the most popular websites in the world, with over a billion users. The video streaming platform has one of the biggest content repositories on the world wide web and is a great place to find music, tutorials, movies etc.

We bring to you 10 tips & tricks you should know to make the most of YouTube and make your video-viewing experience more enjoyable.

Play videos on loop

The latest feature added to YouTube is the ability to play any video on loop, indefinitely. All you need to do is to open the video, hit the ‘right click’ button on the mouse/trackpad and select the ‘Loop’ option, and the video will repeat itself.

Go keyboard-only

You don’t always need the mouse/trackpad when you want to play YouTube, as Google offers a keyboard-only navigation as well. Just open YouTube with the URL ‘’ and you will get the navigation as shown in the image above. Use the keyboard to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and even report videos; additionally you can subscribe to channels, search for any video and hit the Like/Dislike button directly from the keyboard.

If you are using YouTube in the standard model, you can use keyboard shortcuts like k (pause/play), j (rewind 10 seconds), l (fast-forward 10 seconds) and m (mute). Press 0 to go the beginning of the video, while hitting any number between 1 and 9 takes you to the respective percentage (for example hitting 7 will take you directly to the 70% spot).

Set default video resolution

If you have a slow internet connection and want to avoid the pain of waiting for the video to buffer, you can go to ‘’ and select the option ‘I have a slow internet connection. Never play higher-quality video.’

On the other hand, if you want videos to play only in HD resolution, you need the ‘Magic Actions’ extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Just select the ‘Auto HD’ option and the ideal streaming resolution.

Go in karaoke mode

Want to sing along your favourite track but don’t want the hassle of looking for lyrics each time? Just get the Musixmatch browser extension, which will overlay the lyrics on the video as it plays. Perfect for karaoke nights.


If you want only the music/videos of a specific artist, just type ‘#ArtistName’ in the search bar, for example ‘#adele’. This will give you a collection of videos related to only Adele; this search feature works on the desktop website, mobile site and app.

Make your searches specific

If you want to make your searches even more specific, you can try certain keywords that will get you exactly the video you want. For example, using ‘HD’ after a song’s title in the search bar will show you only HD videos. Similarly, if you remember the exact title of a video you once watched but can’t find it now, use the phrase ‘allintitle’ followed by the video’s title to get the exact video. 

Change the video’s playback speed

If you ever feel the need to slow down or speed up a video, you can hit the Settings button on the video and click the Speed option. You can then slow down the video (0.25X and 0.5X) or speed it up (1.25X, 1.5X and 2X). This feature, however, is available only for desktops and not for the app.

Keep your account private

If you don’t want other YouTube users to know which videos you have liked, see your playlists or see the channels you subscribe to, you can keep all your information private. All you need to do is to log into YouTube, type ‘’ in the address bar of the browser and tick the boxes shown in the screenshot above. 

Save for later

Have you ever come across a video you found interesting, but didn’t have time to watch it and eventually forgot about it? Well, YouTube gives you the option to save it for a later time. Just hit the Watch Later button to keep all such videos under one tab.

Hit the ‘+ Add To’ button on the YouTube website or app and select the Watch Later option to save videos for future viewing.

Watch age-restricted video without logging in

You can also open restricted YouTube videos without logging into the website. All you need to do is to alter the URL a little.

For example, in the restricted video ‘’, you need to remove the ‘/watch?v=’ part with ‘/v/’.

This will turn the URL to ‘’ and open the video without logging in. 

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8 USB gadgets to make your PC smarter

If you have been using the USB port on your laptop to simply connect flash drives and portable hard disks, you are under utilizing its capabilities.

Here are some useful and downright quirky gadgets that you can use along with this ubiquitous port…

Sometimes, the internal Wi-Fi antenna in your laptop is simply not strong enough to latch on to – or perhaps even find – a wireless connection. Well, don’t worry. All you need is a Wi-Fi range extender. These mini gadgets, which sport awkward-looking but effective antennas, connect via your USB port to improve signal fidelity and strength.

So if you need better Wi-Fi at your office, airports, coffee shops, public libraries, or even in a bedroom that’s furthest away from your router at home, you might want to invest in one of these. For security, they come with WPA/WPA2 encryption to ensure your wireless connection is safe from intruders.

Here, you can consider the TP-Link TL-WN821N (Rs 620) with a single antenna or the TP-Link TL-WN822N (Rs 1,200) for its double antennas. Both supports the wireless ‘n’ standard with speeds of up to 300Mbps. If you’re looking for something over and above, you could look at the Asus USB-AC56 that supports the latest ‘ac’ standard with dual band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz), and theoretical speeds of up to 1200Mbps.

Most of us carry all our music and videos digitally on our laptops and desktop computers these days, but almost all personal computers come with pitiful sound processors that barely do justice to music, movies and gaming sounds.

External sound cards to the rescue! These little boxes draw power from the USB port on your machine, and process the audio with specialized microchips and signal-processing software.

For 7.1 channel sound, you could look at the Asus Xonar U7 (Rs 6,500), while for 5.1 sound you have a choice between the Creative Sound Blaster Omni (Rs 8,500) and the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Pro (Rs 5,100). These gizmos replace your machine’s on-board audio processors, augments your audio connectivity options for speakers; plus you get a convenient volume control knob, headphone and microphone inputs.

If you’re looking for personal sound – something that can be used with your laptop, but only for headphones output – there’s the Creative Sound Blaster E1 (Rs 5,400) and the Asus Xonar U3 (Rs 2,800). The E1 also comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can also use it with your portable MP3 player.

If you have sensitive data on your system then you should add a higher level of security by using your fingerprint scanner to log on to it. All you need is a portable USB fingerprint scanner and its driver software to install and configure.

The SecuGen Hamster Plus (Rs 4,500) uses a sensor that is scratch-, vibration, and electrostatic shock-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it all the time. It automatically switches on when a finger is placed on it and can authenticate dry, wet, or scarred fingers.

The Noctronique USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader (Rs 3,850) is a similar device that also lets you scan files and folders with your finger. You will find more generic scanners around this price range. They mostly differ on sensor speed and proprietary technologies used.

If you are the creative sort, you might want to ditch your keyboard, mouse and laptop touchpad for something that lets you interact more organically with your computer.

Explore the world of graphics tablets. These USB-powered devices comprise a digital slate and stylus that lets you sketch, colour, and write like you would on paper. Your sketching strokes will appear on the monitor within the software you are using, mimicking even the smallest amount of pressure you apply on the graphics tablet.

Here, Wacom has an excellent range of tablets – designed to adapt to left- and right-handed users. For starters, you can consider the Wacom One Small (Rs 4,350) or Medium (Rs 7,725) for its compact form factor. You get a diagonal working area of 5.7 inches and 7.4 inches, respectively. Plus, the stylus works without batteries and can detect up to 1024 levels of pressure.

Professional photographers and designers might want to consider the Intuos series (starting Rs 23,475), which boast of a touch-sensitive canvas, greater levels of pressure sensitivity and accuracy, and customizable shortcut buttons.

How about a pen drive that not only connects to your laptop via USB, but also let you wirelessly share its contents with friends around you?

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick works with computers as well as mobile devices. All you need to do is plug it into your USB port every now and then to charge it (and perhaps copy the files you want on it). The pen drive – available in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB (Rs 1,800 – Rs 6,400) – then lets you stream music or videos to three smartphones, tablets or computers as long as they’re in the vicinity.

Many laptops don’t come with backlit keyboards, and this can make all the difference when you’re working in low-light environments. But now, you can make sure your keyboard and the area surrounding your machine is illuminated with USB-powered LED lights, which can be bought for less than Rs 100.

The lamps are set in a flexible rubberized body that lets you bend it in whichever way you want to ensure you get illumination wherever you need it.

Now, if you want lights for ambience, you could perhaps check out USB-powered plasma lamps (Rs 1,000 onwards) that are not only beautiful to look at, but also fun to play with.

If you can have lights, no reason why you shouldn’t have USB-powered fans to help you keep your cool?

With prices starting as low as Rs 300, you can expect to pick up models that not only sit pretty on your desk, but which are powerful enough to dry the deadline-induced sweat on your brow.

And, while we’re on the topic, you could also consider cooler pads for your laptop. Place your computer over these devices, and constant airflow generated by its fans will make sure that your machine doesn’t heat up even during the most process-intensive tasks like gaming and working with design software.

Entry-level pads can be bought for as less as Rs 500, but we would recommend brands like Antec, Belkin and Cooler Master with prices starting at Rs 1,200.

With so many USB accessories, not counting all the devices that need this interface to charge its batteries, you are bound to run of spare connections. Enter, portable hubs.

These nifty thingummies let you add at least four extra USB ports to your machine so that you can use pen drives, Wi-Fi dongles, lights and still have room for more.

Here, you can consider devices like the Belkin F4U021BT (Rs 545), iBall Piano (Rs 510) or the Transcend TS-HUB3K (Rs 1,640) for its 4 USB 3.0 ports.

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