How to Charge Smartphone even When Laptop is Power Off

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In this tutorial we‘ll learn how we can use eSATA/USB port available on our laptop to charge smartphone using USB data cable even when laptop is power off.

Sometimes your smartphone battery drained out or your iPod battery is drained out and AC power source is not available. In such situation you can use you laptop to charge phone or other device of course via USB data cable. But what if you do not want to turn on your laptop to charge your phone.

First thing you need to make sure that eSATA/USB port is available on your laptop. You can easily figure this out by noticing the following image like port on your laptop.
So eSATA/USB port is available on your laptop, right. That’s a good news.
Next you need to check in your “BIOS Settings” that whether necessary setting is “Enable” to get power through eSATA/UBS port even when laptop is power off.
Turn off your laptop.Turn it on and press F2 key to enter into BIOS Setup. (In case of DELL Devices F2 is the key to enter into BIOS Setup, if your laptop is of other make, after pressing power key to turn on, keep your eyes on screen and see which key is to be pressed to enter into BIOS Setup)Navigate to Advanced tab using arrow key & select the USB Powershare option and Enable it. If it is already not Enable.Save Changes and Exit BIOS Setup. It’s done. You are ready to go.
Now Turn Off your laptop and plugin phone’s USB data cable to eSATA/USB port and connect to your phone. Your phone will start charging.

Using this port you may also charge other devices like iPod, Tablets etc which can be charge using USB data cable.

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